What we do


Music Production/Live Sound/Studio Recording

Music Production is the key to making you sound good, whether that’s in the studio or playing live. Music Plus can teach you key knowledge about music technology as well as live and studio engineering. Skills you will learn include:

• Music Software/DAW Operation
• Mixing Desk Techniques (Studio and Live)
• Microphone Placement
• Arrangement
• Mixing


Whether you can write full songs or are struggling to get started, Music Plus can help you with the craft of songwriting. Once your songs are completed we can help with some advice about the best way to perform them. Skills you will learn include:

• Techniques to Help Generate Ideas
• Songwriting Challenges
• Song Structures
• Chord Structures
• Help with Lyrics


Music Business

At Music Plus we believe that young people should have some knowledge of how the music industry works. This is essential to achieve a successful career in music. Perhaps you have more of an interest in a behind the scenes role such as:

• Artist Manager
• Tour Manager
• Gig Booker
• Promoter
• Music Law
• Music Agent
• Recording and Publishing Royalties
• Collection Agent



With new technology, DJs have become performers in their own right. From your local club to stadiums across the world, a career as a DJ is no longer looked at as being impossible. Our DJ mentors can take you through what it means to be a professional. You will learn key skills including:

• Setting Up Equipment
• Mixing
• Building a Set
• Using Technology with Your Set
• Promoting

"Music Plus helped me with believing in myself and gave me courage to trust my own initiative. As well as being a performer I was extremely interested in the business contacts that Music Plus offered. Getting the chance to meet and interact with these people really helped my confidence as it showed me where I was at in the industry and allowed me to network with other people in the industry"

- Participant


What is Musicplus+?

It’s a mentoring scheme run by the Scottish Music Centre and supported by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative.
The aim of the project is to offer you one to one experience with music industry professionals who will offer guidance, encouragement, skills and knowledge across a range of industry roles from performance to event promotion.

When & Where?

Early evenings, weekends and during the holidays, in music-related venues. You will also have the chance to attend music industry events and seminars.

How do I apply?

Online registration is FREE and now open for those who are:

  • • age 14-19
  • • living in Scotland
  • • involved in making any kind of music
  • • interested in working in the music industry

Scottish Music Centre

The Scottish Music Centre was established in 1969 and has become a national hub and information point, representing all areas of the industry and delivering a wide range of services on a daily basis. Fundamental resources include the online provision of all Scotland’s music news, jobs, event listings and worldwide competitions alongside extensive publicity, research, digital preservation, design and print. Additionally, the Centre houses the largest collection of contemporary classical Scottish music both written and recorded, a vast proportion of which is available for hire or purchase.

The Scottish Music Centre is a key player in developing Scottish talent both locally and internationally through innovative training sessions, education and outreach programmes. Inspirational Concept Sessions have, and continue to introduce countless secondary school music students to well-known musicians and composers, Music Plus provides 14-19 year olds with the unique opportunity to be mentored one-to-one by the finest selection of industry professionals and the Hit the Road touring project aims to link the same age group with professional promoters, managers and personnel who will teach them the essential skills needed to embark on their first tour.

Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland administers the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) programme which creates access to high quality music making opportunities for young people, particularly for those that would not normally have the chance to participate. For further details about the YMI programme please visit: www.creativescotland.org.uk/funding/ymi