Are you 14-19, living in Scotland and thinking about working in the music industry?

Musicplus+ will introduce you to music industry professionals who will mentor you for up to six months.


What is Musicplus+?

It’s a mentoring scheme run by the Scottish Music Centre and supported by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative and The Robertson Trust.

The aim of the project is to offer you one to one experience with music industry professionals who will offer guidance, encouragement, skills and knowledge across a range of industry roles from performance to event promotion.

When & Where?

Early evenings, weekends and during the holidays, in music-related venues. You will also have the chance to attend music industry events and seminars.

How do I apply?

Online registration is FREE and now open for those who are;

  • age 14-19
  • living in Scotland
  • involved in making any kind of music
  • interested in working in the music industry

Scottish Music Centre

The Scottish Music Centre is a one-stop shop for information for anyone interested in music. Visitors to the Centre can use computers with a range of the latest music software, including Sibelius 4 and Garageband, and read a variety of specialist music publications, directories and magazines relevant to all musical styles and interests.
It is also home to an enormous archive of nearly 30,000 items, ranging from copies of 18th Century song-sheets and Scottish contemporary classical scores to the latest CD releases from traditional, rock, jazz and indie bands.

Add to this a seemingly endless electronic database resource and a team of experts whose enthusiasm and personal knowledge is second to none, and the result is a hub of information, offering unparalleled access to knowledge and advice about music created, performed or recorded in Scotland.

Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland administers the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) programme which creates access to high quality music making opportunities for young people, particularly for those that would not normally have the chance to participate. For further details about the YMI programme please visit:

Scottish Music Centre
City Halls
G1 1NQ
Telephone: 0141 552 5222
Location of Scottish Music Centre

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